Cara Spangler Bodywork

Types of Bodywork


Want to feel energized? Traditionally performed on a mat on the ground, shiatsu combines stretching, firm pressure and rocking for a truly grounding experience. This modality is performed fully clothed so wear something you can move comfortably in.


Want to experience subtle but profound energy shifts? Acupressure, or needle-less acupuncture, includes guiding qi, or energy, along specific pathways of the body to ease a multitude of physical and emotional ailments.


Want a full body relaxation experience? Swedish massage uses long, even strokes with oil to soothe tense muscles and relax your nervous system.

Deep Tissue

Want relief from pain and tension? This massage focuses on specific trouble areas in the body.

Pre/perinatal massage

Expecting? Massage can provide a sense of comfort and connection in the months surrounding birth.  

Lymphatic Drainage

A very gentle but stimulating practice that moves lymphatic fluid more easily through the body. Very effective for reducing swelling from injury or surgery, or anyone who needs an immune boost. Iā€™m also trained in post liposuction and BBL lymphatic drainage. Please message me below so we can talk more.

Cannabis massage

Tune into your body and enhance your senses using the healing power of cannabis. Either used topically through high quality oil (non-psychoactive) or ingestion of your choice (vape, flower, edibles), provided by me. Ten percent of the profits go to an organization that supports black and brown folks in the cannabis industry. At home only.